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SYS-CON Events announced today that the 8th International Cloud Expo will take place June 6-9, 2011, in New York City. The International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo series is the world's leading Cloud-focused event and is held three times a year, in New York, Silicon Valley and in Europe. Over 600 corporate sponsors and 10,000 industry professionals have participated in Cloud Computing Expo since its inception, more than all other Cloud-related events put together. Cloud Computing Expo 2011 East Call for Papers Deadline November 30, 2010 - SUBMIT YOUR SPEAKING PROPOSAL TODAY! The four-day event will offer a rich array of sessions led by exceptional speakers about the business and technical value of cloud computing with more than 150 sponsors and exhibitors and over 5,000 estimated delegates from well over 48 different countries. Explore Cloud Expo Sponsorship &... (more)

Business Technology Literacy in the Cloud Computing Era

What if you could deploy a new IT service shortly after you defined the requirements? And, just imagine the bliss, if your IT spend could directly translate into a competitive advantage. Predicting the ROI would be relatively easy. You would be the envy of your peer group. Unfortunately, as most senior executives already know, it's never that simple. Typically, you perform the technology assessment due diligence up-front, you place your bets based upon the most compelling guidance, and then you closely monitor the results. It's an iterative process, where confidence builds over time. Maybe that's why new business technology spending tends to be aligned with a past success. But this procurement model doesn't adapt very well in response to unanticipated significant market events or the rapid acceleration of unplanned technology migrations. Moreover, tight budgets and... (more)

EMC VMAX 10K, Looks Like High-End Storage Systems Are Still Alive | Part 2

This is the second in a multi-part series of posts (read first post here) looking at if large enterprise and legacy storage systems are dead, along with what todays EMC VMAX 10K updates mean. Thus on January 14 2013 it is time for a new EMC Virtual Matrix (VMAX) model 10,000 (10K) storage system. EMC has been promoting their January 14 live virtual event for a while now. January significance is that is when (along with May or June) is when many new systems, solutions or upgrades are made on a staggered basis. Historically speaking, January and February, along with May and June is when you have seen many of the larger announcements from EMC being made. Case in point, back in February of 2012 VFCache was released, then May (2012) in Las Vegas at EMCworld there were 42 announcements made and others later in the year. Click here to see images of the car stuffing or cli... (more)

From ESBs to API Portals, an Evolutionary Journey | Part 1

A number of analysts are beginning to suggest 2013 will likely signal the awakening of a long night in the IT industry that started with the beginning of the third millennium with the Internet crash. And just as recovery was around the corner, the financial crisis of 2008 dried the IT well once more. Both crises can be characterized as crises of demand. Just past 2000, the Y2K pipeline ran dry. Some argue that the problem was overstated, whereas others argue that the problem was solved just in time. In either case this event triggered a significant pullback in IT spending. Faced with an existential threat after Y2K, the IT industry did not sit still. The main outcome from these lean years has been a significant increase in efficiency where the role of IT in companies with most advanced practices shifted from being a cost center to an active participant in the executi... (more)

Dell News on Ulitzer - Dell Virtualization with Intel and Citrix

Dell News on Ulitzer Dell demonstrated the industry’s first Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) solution based on industry standards using technologies from Intel and Citrix to help improve virtualization performance across networked servers and storage. The companies collaborated to develop technology based on PCI-SIG I/O Virtualization specifications and Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Intel® VT-d) to allow multiple operating systems to share a physical interconnect Functional technology demonstrations are being showcased at the Exhibitor Booths within the Virtualization Community at the Intel Developers Forum 2009, September 22 through 24 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif. Intel Developer Forum attendees can view the showcase at exhibit booth #711 and discuss it with Dell, Intel and Citrix experts. The News: Dell and Intel wor... (more)

MontaVista Sells Out Cheap

SOA & WOA Magazine What's a Linux operating systems company worth these days? The answer apparently is not as much as the financing it's gotten over the years. In a move reminiscent of Intel and Wind River, Cavium Networks, maker of specialty ARM and Mips processors, is buying MontaVista Software, the embedded Linux shop, for $50 million and it's only paying $16 million in cash. The rest is stock. MontaVista, however, took in at least $93 million since it started 10 years ago from folks like Siemens, US Venture Partners, Alloy Ventures, NEC, IBM, Sony, WR Hambrecht, Samsung, Infineon, China Development Industrial Bank, Intel, Panasonic, Toshiba, Yamaha and RRE Ventures. A lot of those guys were MontaVista customers along with major accounts like Cisco, Dell, HP, Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent and NTT DoCoMo. The deal is expected to close next month and Cavium is expectin... (more)

Ex-IBM Honcho Claims He’s Innocent

Early Bird at Clod Expo The rumor mill says that Apple could be out with that tablet it’s supposed to have up its sleeve in March or April. According to Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner, it’s supposed to have a 10.1-inch iPhone-style multi-touch screen and a $1,000 price tag. It would compete with Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader. Reiner says Apple’s been pitching book publishers on a non-executive deal giving them 70% of the money, more lucrative for them than Amazon, which is thought to demand 50% of the take. Reiner thinks Apple means to make a million of the widgets a month to start. Robert Moffat, the former high-ranking IBM executive arrested in October in the Galleon insider trading roundup, asked a New York court Wednesday to dismiss the SEC's civil charges against him. He claims he didn't pass material insider information on IBM and Sun earnings or AMD's sale... (more)

Commentary: Sun’s Oracle Merger

Mergers & Acquisitions on Ulitzer With only the ‘you may now kiss the bride’ custom to follow, the Oracle/Sun marriage (or dare I say Sun/Oracle) is now finally complete. After months of legal wrangling which has caused nothing but embarrassment and dwindled Sun’s stature within the market sphere, reports also came out that half of Sun's 27,000 staff will be made redundant. Thus initial indications are clear that Oracle, known for its past agnosticism to open source has an eye for the merger being based on maximizing profit. In the meantime Sun’s competitors are probably smiling wryly as the delay of the merger played into their immediate interests but what threats and challenges does this partnership now pose to the once great open source vendor which did so much for developing the tech and e-commerce industry. One thing which Oracle will most probably do is addres... (more)

Announcing Enomaly ECP High Assurance Edition for Trusted Cloud Computing

Today I am in Beijing, China at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) and am happy to announce the latest Enomaly product offering, The ECP High Assurance Edition (HAE). ECP HAE has been something we've been busy developing in partnership with Intel over the last 18 months and continues on the previous research of world renowned security expert Dr. David Lie from the University of Toronto. The platform uses a variety of hardware assisted security mechanisms to provide what we believe is the most secure public cloud computing platform for service providers available today. In this post, I thought I'd take a moment to dive into some of the technical capabilities of HAE and our rationale. Like it or not, security concerns have been a key factor limiting the adoption of cloud computing services. We believe that customers with higher security requirements, such as banks, healt... (more)

Intel Buys Back into Wireless

Intel is buying Germany's Infineon Technologies' profit-struggling wireless baseband chip business for $1.4 billion cash, roughly three times revenues. It'll give the semi giant a piece of Apple's ARM-based iPhone business and a position in other Atom-free wireless widgets. ARM is the smartphone king, but presumably Intel is going to try to push Atom over the hump using Infineon though it needs more than that. Intel, which has banged its head against many a wall trying to figure out phones, means to run the operation as a free-standing operation. It sold similar operations like the ARM-based XScale for cheap back in 2006 to focus on its core business, which is now under market pressure. It now says the acquisition will let it "offer a portfolio of products that cover the full range of wireless options from Wi-Fi and 3G to WiMax and LTE," wireless being one of Intel'... (more)

Apple Market Value Now Exceeds $500B

Wow Apple! The market value exceeded $500B and now everyone is speculating if it will reach One Trillion, which no company has ever aspired. As I look into the valuation this morning, Apple is at $505B. Microsoft is almost at half of that at $266B. Look at the other big ones in technology sector – Oracle ($146B), Amazon($82B), Cisco ($107B), IBM ($229B), Intel ($134B), Google ($201B), and HP($50B). Other stalwarts for comparison are – Wal-Mart($202B), GE($202B), and Exxon Mobile($408B). Someone commented that if Apple was part of the Dow Jones, then the value would have exceeded 14000 few months back. Apple is an American pride institution that symbolizes great creativity, innovation, and visionary leadership in planning and execution. Once written off as a “has-been”, Apple came back with a vengeance largely due to the dynamic leadership and imagination of the lat... (more)